Why do we use PayPal?


PayPal (an Ebay Company) enables you to pay without the seller ever seeing your bank or credit card account numbers. That means that your bank account and credit card numbers are never seen by anyone else but the banks and are never sitting vulnerably on a sellers computer in danger of being compromised.

Many online sellers purchase an SSL certificate to encrypt your personal information when you are making a purchase and sending information through their web site, yet how that information is processed and where it is stored is where many web sites fail securing your information.

For instance, although you may be making an online purchase through a Secure Socket Layer utilizing the https:// port and although this may tell your browser to show a "lock" icon indicating the site is secure and information passed through this port will be encrypted, often your information is emailed to the seller or placed on a server accessible by the seller through another SSL port.

In the latter case, which is typically a third party checkout provider, your information can still be seen by anyone logging into the merchant account from any computer if they obtain the seller login information. And, with all the trojans floating around the Internet these sort of security breaches are rampant.

In the former example, which is also common – that of a web site using SSL to encrypt your order and then emailing the order to the seller (as well as your account information) – your account information is sitting on the sellers computer and is now a liability for the seller to protect your data. In many cases sellers leave orders in their email boxes or file them on their computer. In either case this can compromise your account information even faster than if the seller is using a third party checkout.

This is why we recommend and use PayPal. PayPal enables you to pay without the seller ever seeing your bank or credit card account numbers and never risks your security by leaving it up to the seller to secure your information. PayPal deploys industry-leading fraud prevention technology that monitors transactions for suspicious activity and works with law enforcement throughout the world to apprehend and prosecute fraudsters and identity thieves.

For more information regarding online security visit PayPal’s Identity Protection page:
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