About Us

Exclusive designs, sophisticated, quality, hand-crafted beauty from a fading art form.

W hen you make a purchase from GuatemalaImports.com you are directly supporting the artisan weavers because we work directly with the families who produce our exclusive fabrics. By supporting this amazing art it survives; thank you.

quetzal-birdThanks for clicking to find out more about GuatemalaImports.com! We’ve been in love with the hand-crafted textiles of Guatemala, and the wonderfully friendly, indigenous peoples who craft them, since the late 1980’s when we first visited. Soon after, we started working with the highest quality importer of Guatemalan textiles in the world; supplying such name brand stores as Cost Plus, JC Penny’s, Chico’s, Bazaar del Mundo and high quality specialty shops world-wide.

Now we’re back in business, working directly with some of the same weavers and families that we worked with before. We also have a new designer! A passionate Italian woman who has been living in Guatemala for 20 years and designing clothing and accessories for sale in Rome, Paris & Berlin. Patrizia Pizzatti was born in Italy and graduated from the European School of Design in Milan. In our new line, she uses recycled rubber inner tubes accenting the hand-woven Guatemalan ikat fabrics and combines these with a durable microfiber to produce a high-tech line of bags different than anything ever produced in Guatemala or anywhere else.

Look for her LENTO brand exclusively here at GuatemalaImports.com.

Finest Quality Guaranteed

All GuatemalaImports.com items are made with original, hand-crafted, Guatemalan fabrics and created under the quality control meeting standards of high-end department stores. These are handmade items, so there will be slight variations in color patterns. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, please contact us via customer support, we aim to please.